Responsive Templates

joomla-responsive-templatesThis is our section on responsive templates. These type of templates are going to be how many of the newest themes are developed for many different platforms.

With Joomla, responsive templates means that you will have greater control over the way the templates looks at different sizes. It will have the ability to shrink down to the size of an iPhone or iPad as well as large displays on desktops.

More About Responsive Templates

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Top Reasons To Get Responsive Templates

  1. topreasonsOver the next few years more and more people will be using tablets and smart phones to surf the internet
  2. Responsive templates make your website look good at all sizes
  3. Google expects good websites to have responsive templates and they may increase your ranking

How does a responsive template work?

howworksMost responsive templates are built with a framework built by the creator. Frameworks help with compatibility, giving the companies a quick starting point to create new and improved templates. The technical way that a responsive template works is with a Javascript CSS integration called Media Queries. It asks the browser what size it is viewing the webpage is at and reacts by moving conditioned items to fill that browser size.

Here at we are always looking for free Joomla templates, built with high standards. It is not so easy to find the really good ones so we have done that for you! We like to be able to take templates and shape them to suit us, whilst also looking at compatibility, responsive cross-device support, good coding practices and much much more. Enjoy our list below and feel free to leave any comments, including your favourite free Joomla templates for 2016. Read more...

Created: October 5, 2016
Last Modified: October 5, 2016
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